Beat Til Death Recordings Wants You!!!!

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Beat Til Death Recordings Wants You!!!!

Postby speedcore_whore » Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:17 pm

We want ur beatz!!!!! Producers listen up!!! Beat Til Death Recordings is a hard electronic *free* net label, being introduced to you in the very near future, offering u *free* Mp3 music to download covering various genres - Speedcore, Terror, Breakcore, Hardcore Techno, Drum & Bass (hard,distorted), Tekno, Grindcore, 8-Bit, Industrial and Hardcore starting up before the end of February / early March. We are looking for tracks to release for *free* on forthcoming compilations. Anyone wishing to submit tracks to Beat Til Death Recordings relevant styles permitting, for *free* release by us then please upload your tracks (preferrably in .wav format) to websites such as megaupload / rapidshare etc and send the link via email to -

The first release on Beat Til Death Recordings will include tracks from Elektrotot (DE) and Mental Destruction (FR), (thats just a small preview) and will be unleashed for your listening pleasure towards the end of the February / early March to co-incide with the completion of the website so please keep your eyes and ears open for updates @ & - BTD FORUM!!

DJ's listen up!!! BTD will be looking to release mixes in the forseeable future for *free* - on compilations, anyone interested should email - or contact through


Many Thanx For Your Attention 8)

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Postby matt bleak » Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:45 pm

[poke] :P
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