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Noize:Tek label news and Demo search.

Postby noizetek » Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:58 pm

Hello Folks!

Time for some updates on the current release schedule and events coming from the Noize:tek camp!

First up we have the Vinyl version of the "Statement of Intent" compilation, containig six tracks lifted from the comp, the tracklisting looks like this:

Side A:
1. Spitting Vitriol - Still Born
2. Hypnoskull - Advanced Bionic Muthafuckaz Hate Using Guns (But Make an Exception In Your Case)

Side B:
1. Ebola - Burke and Hare
2. John Pooley - Armour Plated
3. Dirty Husband - Mangina

Expect that to arrive February 2008!

Next on the agenda is the last two vinyl in the "Versus" trilogy of 12"'s (the first being NTK003 Davros Vs Fanny), namley being:

Hypnoskull Vs Machniochrist and
Spitting Vitriol Vs Richard Hillman.

Things are still a little up in the air over which of them will drop first, but expect the first to appear in April/May 2008 and the second in June/July 2008.

After that, who knows! We are activley seeking new demo material at the moment in preperation for the latter part of the year. So if you think you are worthy, then email:
or visit our myspace page and drop us a message. Please note we like people who actually make the effort, not only does it make you look more interested in actually working with ourselves, but we will give you more attention as well. So please NO myspace links to your tracks! Ask for our mailing address and send us a cdr of your current material, a biography, past/future releases (if applicable) and THEN point us to any webpages etc...always bear in mind we will consider anything, be it; Grindcore, Improv Electronics, Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Gabba, Breakcore, Noise, Industrial, nuskooltrancedonkeycore and everything in long as it is challenging and original we will give it the time of day!

As you may be aware as well we have a new show on the horizon with Noise Behemoths Whitehouse! This will be their first piece of live action in Manchester in their 28 year career! In support we have a great selection of Noize:tek artists and associates to make your ears bleed even more! Definitly not a night to be missed, heres the info for people not already in the know:

Whitehouse +
Dyspraxia +
Faux Pride +
Vinyl Vandal +
Gunter Saxenhammer +
More TBC

@ Jabez Clegg, 2, Portsmouth St, Manchester, Lancashire M13 9GB
Saturday April 19th, 9pm - 3am, 18+ Only
£8.00 Advance, £10.00 On the Door

Tickets available from: + Soon from Cyberdog Manchester!

More info and flyer coming soon!

There is also rumblings of another show happening in May as well, more details of which will follow once things have been confirmed, but be warned this is going to be imense!! Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Anyway take it easy and keep it Noizey!!


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