drum kits HELP

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drum kits HELP

Postby weelovex » Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:35 am

Really good I like the page and I think that communities that promote music styles like breakcore terror liquefied core and any battery seems a boon because it is a relatively evolved style and is quite free to experiment and create many genres merge. . I have just about 3 years playing with the powerful FL ztudio and I recently met the legendary r3nois3 and a few days ago I became a sort of electronic drums with a keyboard for pc old who had to assign 10 keys and got some samples from drum kits I .. but what I failed to even get kits percussion is or breakcore idm .. or achieve the necessary EQ to sound like that .. there is when I ask a cry for help to veterans of beats that might be taking the time to read all this shit, you recommend me some drum kit or some specific filters. to mount a good breackore themes but without using so many samples ...

and i'm sorri for my english .. i really use a web translator of shit.. !

if you wants check out some of my tracks in www.myspace.com/dokix :twisted:

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