Please Feel Free To Help Others!

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Please Feel Free To Help Others!

Postby JohnMerrik » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:09 am

Here is a great place to post your studio tips, your tricks, your guides to n00bz.

Got a great method on how to make some interesting sounds? Well by all means post them please! We would love to hear them, and they will be appreciated by many. I can guarantee that!

Thanks guys!
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Re: Please Feel Free To Help Others!

Postby WonderingI » Wed Dec 24, 2014 12:47 pm

for the last few years i been exploring generators in Reaktor. and they can be really great. i got quite a few custom gens now that i modified from other Reaktor ensembles.
basically they generate fairly random but often accidentaly very musical pulses /noises/swooshes etc... can be great to add some colour and good for transitions

all you do is run your new track and record the output of the gen. maybe up to 5 times through. then listen back and cut out any crap which is 95%

... you can then post process/mangle/loop etc the 5% that remains. Its sometimes gold and is stuff you would never have thought of otherwise.

there is quite a few gens in the User library at Reaktor.. some need interaction like the classic skrewell based ones, and others are fully automated

...also Kraftstrom is a beast, you can find my own mod of this which is 6 Kraftroms automated! it needs a really fast cpu. its called Cyberquark Devastator Machine.

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