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Postby Kurwastyle Project » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:04 pm

Netlabel AMENOREA (established on 23rd April 2007) is idea of two people, whose intention is publishing of experimental and original musical matters from the sphere of electronic music. AMENOREA is trying to be a contradiction of purpose dance music, which is created only for the purpose of a club entertainment without deeper content or invention. AMENOREA supports creations of a few czech artists, but especially foreign producers from all over the world. In the future AMENOREA is going to release several compilations, which are specialized on a given subject in original performance of every artist. As regards to all releases, they are free for download and the can be further propagated, but not for the commercial purposes. It is called virtual releases as every another netlabel has. Amenorea issues EP (Extended Play - shorter album with less number of tracks; EPs takes from 20 to 30 minutes) and also LP (Long Play - complete album; it takes 40 minutes and more. Of course EPs have a higher quantity, but AMENOREA is not in a hurry. Label works on one project leisurely for several months. It doesn't have any determined rules and quotas, like for example publication of certain number of the releases during the month or year.

Producers who are presented by netlabel AMENOREA agree with a free propagation of it's author's work for the purpose of listening, reproduction, copying and another sharing (p2p), however not for commercial using by the third person without their written agreement.

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