Break Help! Chopping for Octamed Amiga/Renoise

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Re: Break Help! Chopping for Octamed Amiga/Renoise

Postby DoomCannon » Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:36 am

yeah, seems legit :P really very similar to my workflow although i use vastly different hardware/software than an amiga ;) I like to chop and process the breaks right in renoise, then proceed to do all my arranging right then and there. Breakcore. for me at least just feels more at home when done in renoise as i'm sure it would in similar tracker like programs :) I find there are two basic ways of going about manipulating break beats for this type of music: A) use the "syn" option in the instruments panel in renoise to sync the loop to what ever BPM your looking to work in. B) chop the break up just the way you want to, it can be hit for hit or semi-sections. Then load it into a renoise drum kit to spread the hits across the key map. When i'm feeling lazy i do the first, when i want to be able to really control all the fine bits of a break i use the second option and just save the renoise drum kit so i can pull it up later whenever i want and not have to go back to chop every single hit every time i want to make a new track with that particular break :D

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Re: Break Help! Chopping for Octamed Amiga/Renoise

Postby thanatos » Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:09 pm

there is no god way you have to find your own

i use renoise and chop the break into oneshot. it is faster and better at list for me
this way you can layer multiple break ex 2 snares from 2 breakbeat to make a phatt snare

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