EBM, Electronica, Breakcore... Compilation [SUBMIT YR SONG]

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EBM, Electronica, Breakcore... Compilation [SUBMIT YR SONG]

Postby mental destruction » Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:04 pm

Hello Folks,

Wildness is proud to announce that's a new electronic compilation is on the way. We decided to open the submission to every project, every band who are interested to get a chance to appear on it.
The format of this compilation 'll be a mp3 web-release, available on free download & diffuse under a Creatives Commons licence (BY-NC-ND 3.0).

Rules :
- Genre / Type : EBM, IDM, Breakcore, Industrial, Hardcore, Speedcore, Mash-Up, Drum N Bass, Darkstep, Experimental, Digital, Deviant, Aggrotech, Ambient...
- Song Timing : 6 min. max.
- Submission Per Project : Only 1 song 'll be release per artist/project on the compilation but you can, during the submission time, submit until 3 songs.
- Mp3 Format : Mp3, 192 kbps. (To convert your song you can download this free legal soft - click here)
- Deadline : 3rd December 2010
- Exlusivity ? : We are not asking any exclusivity on your song.
You keep all your right on it.
But understand that your work CAN'T be accept and consider if you and the song that you submit are a part of any copyright agency (GEMA, Sacem...), in this way understand that remix of commercial song or copyrighted material can't be accepted too.


To submit your work, send us a download link (with Megaupload, Yousendit or other file hoster - Rapidshare is not really appreciated) to jpkjpk@hotmail.fr or attached your file on the email (max. 10mo per email).

To finish, remember that even if we are not limited per space with web release : only best songs, the pieces that we most prefer 'll be selected to appear on it, so be creative, intelligent, in the closest of your feelings. Just surprise us, & give us highlight emotion, and remember - the first of all : make you pleasure -

Wish you a good time - here we are ready!

Plus d'infos : http://www.myspace.com/wildnessrecords/ ... z0zcQ5taTf

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