Is there anymore contests anymore... anyone???

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Is there anymore contests anymore... anyone???

Postby Jaygo » Sat Jul 02, 2022 2:27 pm

Is there anymore contests anymore??? i used to love the contests but i cant see a new one in years? what happend? also what happend to all the old tunes on this? there used to be loads of tunes by VA unkown artists but there all gone even my old tunes are gone, they sucked il admit but i was only noob to breakcore producion. i really wish someone would explain what happend coz this site was great back in the day??? no1 even reponse to posts anymore it seems? what happend guys, seriously? does anyone have a back-up of all the old tunes, all u have to do is get some contests going again, put up a few new topics maybe d/ls of sample packs or vst's, back up old tunes to inspire ppl to make and post new ones and it would take of again 100%. can a admin or someone please respond to this and tell me why all the old tunes are gone and why theres nomore contests???

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