EVOLVE: new LP/CD coming on Realicide Youth Records

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EVOLVE: new LP/CD coming on Realicide Youth Records

Postby INHUMAN » Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:04 am

Realicide Youth Records



The fifth Evolve album and first pressed properly to LP. This record is in many ways a sequel to March's "Resisting The Viral Self" LP by Realicide. Although a different project these bands were started in the same place at the same time years ago, and have progressed parallel with similar social aims yet widely differing aesthetics. Whereas Realicide is our personalized contemporary version of hardcore punk and other abrasive genres, Evolve is very comparably a unique hybrid of progressive hiphop, psychedelic electronic music, raw urban punk, and a descendent on beat-born tape cut-ups. As a follow up record from the Realicide label, we have also taken measures to have this album look and sound even better than "Resisting The Viral Self", which has received very little negative criticism from those who have acquired it the past 6 months.

This Evolve album features significant collaborative tracks with Jim Swill (Realicide lyricist) and Freak1 (of Chemical Committee); collaborative artwork with Cincinnati's Bunk News crew; art direction by Robert Inhuman; mastered by Mavis Concave...

PRE-ORDER the Evolve LP before October 20th for $12 US / $17 World, postage-paid.

PRE-ORDER the Evolve CD before October 20th for $8 US / $12 World, postage-paid.

PRE-ORDER both LP & CD before October 20th for $18 US / $25 World, postage-paid.

CONTACT / PAYPAL = robertinhuman@hotmail.com


All LPs and CDs will be accompanied by an extensive zine… Buying the record before it is publicly released will save you a couple dollars and your record will be mailed out first when they become available. The pre-orders also help our label a great deal with the financial strain and personal risks we undergo to make releases like this happen, regardless of our immediate resources in many cases! Check back to www.realicide.com for further updates about “Breaking Down The Barriers”. You are also able to initiate pre-orders for the record in a scroll box set up at www.myspace.com/realicide

EVOLVE = http://www.myspace.com/evolveone

REALICIDE DISTRO = http://www.geocities.com/realicide/1distro

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