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Postby chaoseq » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:02 pm

Acidsamovar Records is a Russian record label, based in Moscow. Its purpose is to release and help develop Russian and Foreign experimental electronic musicians. Breakcore, IDM, experimental, ragga-core, hard drum'n'bass, rhythm noise, grindcore - this is the genres, we like to work with.
Acidsamovar Records is a division of IDM-Group promotion team, runned by Brainfilter and Psychobell.
In summer 2006 was founded sublabel of Acidsamovar, specialised in psytrance music - Tekkin' Over Records. We interested to distribute our production to any experimental electronic shops all aroud the world, and highly interested in swaping matherials with other labels.
We are always open to cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork.
Contact us with any questions & offers.

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