RK9 & Dioxide-tour looking for shows

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RK9 & Dioxide-tour looking for shows

Postby rk9 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:22 pm

Hi guys we decided to tour with our concept dioxide. We are currently taking bookings for Europe & Asia. Dioxide is a mainly Drum & Bass concept that is scheduled to have regular shows in Gouda, we do want to start or end any tour in Gouda.

We have a list of cities we want to go too. We have multiple artists from Europe that could come along.

-MC Evil Jane
-MC Metronoom

Europe & UK
-Regolith Surface
-Multiple Zerosis

We also are willing to do collabs with other orginisations and have a bride network of known artist.

Can be extended with local & touring artist. Changes may be made.

Our city list.

The Hague, NL
Gouda, NL
Rotterdam, NL
Utrecht, NL
Amsterdam, NL
Groningen, NL
Enschede, NL
Heerlen, NL
Maastricht, NL
Gent, BE
Antwerpen, BE
Brussel/Bruxxels, BE
Lyon, FR
Paris, FR
Madrid, SP
Ibiza, SP
Barcelona, SP
Porto, PG
Lisabon PG
Lussanne, SL
Zurich, SL
Wenen, Au
Tirol, IT
Praag, TJ
Zadar, KR
Rome IT
Boedapest, HOL
Kraukau, PL
Waurschau, PL
Rigia, LV
St Petersburg RU
Moskou RU
Athene, GR
Thessaloniki, GR
Boehraest, Roe
Tirana, AB
Munich, Ger
Berlin, Ger
Leipzig, Ger
Aacken, Ger


Haifa, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Netanja, Israel
Mouint Hermon, Israel
Amman, Jordan (could do Egypt as well)
Adana, Turkey
Tisbili, Georgia
New Dehli, India
Mumbai, India
Goa India
Gwanju, South Korea
Busan, South Korea
Osaka, Japan
Kioto, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Yokohama, Japan
Singapore, Mal
Jarkata, Ind
Depansar, Ind


Perth, AU
Sydney, AU
Melbourne, AU
Christchurch, NZ
Welligthon, NZ
Auckland, NZ

Are you or do you know promtors in or near this cities? please let them contact us over jjungschlager@gmail.com sabrinabos1@hotmail.com


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