This Is The Sound Of Slowcore

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This Is The Sound Of Slowcore

Postby Low Entropy » Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:02 pm


the extreme and experimental hardcore scene in the 90s was always about subverting dance music tropes; replacing sweet vocals with screams, happy melodies with full-on noise. one other method was to get away from the typical dance tempos of these songs; an idea that fueled speedcore with its extreme bpms. yet there was always the other direction possible: to get slower and slower. some early industrial hardcore songs had something in that direction, but it was not followed on.

i was intrigued by this idea too. one of the earliest tracks i produced was cyberspace, a 60 bpm anthem (in 1997). yet somehow i too lost interest and got into other fields, like 800 bpm speedcore productions.
with the rise of doomcore and industrial hardcore (again) in the last years, slower productions suddenly came into the fields of vision again. i lodged myself comformtably at producing 126 bpm tracks, and it was nice to see some other artists lowered the tempo too. "slowcore" till now did not really become a "thing", which is a shame. there is something very special about slow - or rather extreme slow music. that can not be done quite like it in other tempos.

in other genres we have super slow bands like bohren & der club of gore, or the slower ends of doom and funeral doom metal. let's bring these concepts to hardcore too. i really think a body of work is possible, with tracks in the slowest range of the bpm spectrum.

(yes i know one track is over the 50 BPM limit the cover suggests; but the picture just fitted so good).

so there is only one thing left to say: hardcore!!! slower!!!


1. Creeping Doom (1 BPM)
2. Thunderdoom (1 BPM)
3. 50 Bpm Doomcore (50 BPM)
4. Cascades 4 (32 / 63 BPM)
5. Battleship (32 BPM)
6. Futuristic 1 (Slowcore Makeover) (8 / 16 / 32 BPM) ... f-slowcore

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