Various Artists - Urban Uprising Remixes Part 2

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Various Artists - Urban Uprising Remixes Part 2

Postby Low Entropy » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:33 pm


Urban Uprising was released around 15 years ago as part of the Acid Massacre EP on Black Monolith...
The song stuck with a lot of people and entered quite some DJ's playlist over the years... there had been a self-released update to this track a while ago, but this time, different artists put their own take on this track...
And this is not all, as maybe other remixes might get a release on a nice label in the future... we will see!
Expect Doomy Acidcore, Hard Acid, and a hint of Techno and Experimental.
Enjoy the Urban Uprising, chaos and madness.


1. Urban Uprising (Lityk Remix)
2. Urban Uprising (soz.IO Remix)
3. Urban Uprising (Fairy Night's Urban Decay Remix)
4. Urban Uprising (Doomtrance Mix) ... xes-part-2

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