Low Entropy - The Complete Breakcore Archives 1997-2004

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Low Entropy - The Complete Breakcore Archives 1997-2004

Postby Low Entropy » Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:00 pm


in the last years, i released plenty of formerly unreleased tracks by me, on various releases, often together with new material or remixes.
it would be a kind of detective work to find and get them all. so i thought, i should create two releases were they are all together; in two genres. breakcore and speedcore.
this is an (almost) complete archive of my unreleased speedcore and breakcore tracks, that i did in my first period of music. i worked on this music between my start as a producer, 1997, and the end of my first phase, 2004. while a lot of my speed and break stuff found it's way to vinyl or CD, or other releases, quite some tracks remained unreleased.
a lot of this stuff was done on tracker technology, in ms-dos, with the focus on sample manipulation and all kinds of digital distortion. influences were labels like praxis, fischkopf, artists like patric catani or mouse and no name. so here are these tracks. some of them were never digitally released before.
1.Yeah 02:34
2.I Am God (Retrigger Remix) 03:46
3.Anarchize Part 2 03:18
4.I Hate This Zoo 03:46
5.Noizbrk (Different Mastering) 02:14
6.Parodius Remix 01:32
7.Angry 03:38
8.Trashed 04:41
9.Nice 02:14
10.We Will Destroy You (Mastered) 03:48
11.Nubeat (Remastered) 02:40
12.Paul (Remastered) 04:26
13.I Am God (1998 Version) 05:27
14.Sadstep (2014 Remaster) 03:42
15.Alpha Centauri 03:37
16.Orbital Bombing (Early Version) 04:27
17.Apocalypse Soon 05:29
18.Break.It 03:44
19.Maschinensturm 06:02
20.N-Dustrial 04:58
21.Tracker 02:22
22.No Turning Back 06:07
23.Breakcore Bratz 01:44
24.Anybody Out There 04:31
25.Maschinen Dub 06:51
26.Symphonic 03:45
27.They Live 05:47
28.Anarchize (2015 Remaster) 06:32
29.Disharmonic (2015 Remaster) 06:32
30.They Want You Dead (Noisy Remaster) 01:31
31.Retaliation (2015 Remaster) 05:04
32.I Am God (2014 Workover) 05:35

https://lowentropy.bandcamp.com/album/t ... -1997-2004

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